Drape Kings columns include a number of options to compliment your event and venue.

King Column

King Column from Drape Kings

King Column – Shown with drape/uplighting and without

The King Columns is used to create free-standing elegant column that can enhance most any event design with a three dimensional look.

  • Complete decorative accent for your event
  • Comes standard with over 90′ of drape for maximum fullness
  • Custom 2-piece hoop that requires only one upright for quick and convenient setup
  • Lighting sold separately

The Drape Kings King Column comes with:

  • 35 lb base and pin
  • 7′ to 12′ upright
  • Two four-saddle sandbags
  • Your choice of sheer drape

Column Drape and Hardware

Continue your drape around column obstructions or create a free-standing column of drape. The columns come in 3′, 4′, and 5′ diameter curved horizontals. Custom 2′-6′ diameter curves are also available (Fits on a 62 lb base for the free-standing column drape).