Show-LED Star Drop Curtains


ShowLED Classic LED Curtain
Classic Show-LED Star Drop Curtain
Chameleon Show-LED Star Drop Curtain
The Classic Show-LED Curtain is the industry-standard Star Drop Drape. Road tested and used around the world, the Classic LED drape offers the most realistic Star Drape available. Available for rental or purchase.

  • Black Encore Drape
  • Uses Bluish/White LED lights
  • LEDs are placed in the black Encore fabric forming constellations and star fields, divided over 8 DMX channels
  • Classic controller is supplied with stock programs and can run without additional DMX control
  • Controller can also be programmed manually and the settings can be saved inside the controller
  • Controllers can easily be linked together to control different curtains joined together
The show LED Chameleon has the same features as the Classic, but with stars in every color. Choose from color changes, twinning, twinning effects, and chases. Available for rental or purchase.

  • Full range of RGB colors
  • Provides 8 DMX output channels with a maximum of 512 LEDs per controller
  • Offers the same features and easy programming options as ShowLED Classic, but in any given color
  • By following the menu structure on the LCD display, the controller can be programmed at a glance: color changes, twinkling effects, chases, among other options
Custom Solutions
Custom Show LED Solutions Photo: Dynamic Events by David Caruso and Front Room Photography.
Custom Show-LED Solutions
Our Custom Show-LED Solutions are only limited by your creativity. Partner with us to customize any Star Drape style and shape that your event calls for. Just give us your specifications including size, shape, and color spectrum, and we will create exactly what you need.

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