Drape Kings

Designer Series

Designer Series


Create the look of timeless elegance with our Drape Kings Designer Series. These stylish and sophisticated combinations offer an upgrade that will beautifully transform your event space.

Customizable and Versatile

Choose the look, fabric, and colors that work best for you. Whether you select The Martini, The Chalice, The Flute, The Lattice, or The Overlay, our Drape Kings’ Designer Series will be sure to give your event the “WOW” factor you’re looking for.  You can choose to cover the entire room or place in a few key areas to highlight your event’s focus.

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The Lattice

The crisscrossed effect of The Lattice will add style, elegance and interest to your event.  Depending on the colors you choose, this versatile look can add a lot of play with a fun bright colored back layer or a chic white on white look.


The Flute

Splitting the sheer layer into three gathers over every 10 feet creates a simple texture that will give the overall feel of your event an extra pop.

Martini Curtain

The Martini

The sheer layer can be split into two gathers over every 10 feet, creating a gorgeous effect.

Curtain overlay

The Overlay

This look will give you the coverage of a traditional drape wall with the light, romantic feel of sheer. The airy design will soften the color of your back layer and give your event the feeling of soft sophistication.


The Chalice

By bringing the full layers of sheer together into one focal point, attention to key areas of your event are created every 10 feet.


Choose from our curated colors, or create your own custom combination!