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Step & Repeats – Rental Solution

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Unlike other vendors who may offer only printing services or installations, Drape Kings provides start to finish solutions
for Premium Rental Step and Repeats.
Our partnerships with both expert printers and the new World standard AV Drop Modular Backdrop Modular system
allows for the highest quality backdrops at your next social event, corporate meeting or video shoot.
Also known around the world as a Photo-Call, Drape Kings Step & Repeat System has become the standard for any
high-profile event that may include the press or a setting for branded backdrops.
We can also include red carpet rentals, basic lighting, elegant Rope & Stanchions along with pipe and drape that
can turn any occasion into a Marquee worthy event.
Drape Kings can customize any Step & Repeat package depending on your needs.
Whether in Hollywood, on Broadway or Main Street, Drape Kings has your Step-and-Repeat needs covered!

Contact a Step & repeat Banner expert today for pricing and availability.

Step & Repeat


  • Seamless Fabric Printed Graphics presented on AV Drop Velcro wrapped modular aluminum framing system
  • Vinyl Printed Graphics: The least expensive solution traditionally in white with color printing

Rental Solutions include all required support hardware whatever the print choice. Both fabric and vinyl graphic prints are a purchase, owned by the customer. The hardware remains property of Drape Kings.


Drape Kings exclusively uses AV Drop Modular Backdrop Frames to build broadcast quality Step & Repeats that can be used both indoors and out.  AV Drop requires NO TOOLS. All frames are Velcro wrapped with Seamless Grand Format Dye Sublimation or UV Prints. Everything is custom sewn and finished in our workshop to ensure quick, easy and precise on-site setup.

By using dye sub sewn prints and Drape Kings exclusive AV Drop Frames, the entire system can be packed up and reassembled multiple times and is easily shipped around the country. Gone are the bulky wooden theatrical flats that are cumbersome to install, ship and store. Also gone are the fabric prints being stapled onto the wooden frames. With Drape Kings Step & Repeat system, this is no longer an issue.

Step & Repeat

Our modular aluminum framing system offers the highest quality solution for Branded Backdrops. Rock solid modular framing is quickly covered in a Velcroed blackout material which creates the base layer. The seamless printed graphic is then placed around the blackout material creating a taut and much more aesthetically pleasing banner than older traditional foam board step & repeats that have visible seams every few feet.


Dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing technology using full color artwork that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates. Also referred to as digital sublimation, the process is commonly used for decorating apparel, signs and banners.

Traditionally, dye sub has been known for its rich, vivid colors; high-resolution, photorealistic reproduction capabilities, and extreme durability. Using sublimation of dyes is a different process to printing with inks on either other digital or analogue presses. The process sublimates the dye and permanently bonds inside the fibers of the textile. This gives a high-resolution, permanent coloration that is long lasting, and will not peel, crack or fade over time.


Seamless Vinyl Step and Repeats Banners are an economical alternative to fabric printed backdrops. Unlike grand format fabric printing, vinyl banner prints are more robust and can be water resistant. But they always have a gloss sheen and will never stretch as flat as a seamless fabric print.

Vinyl Step & Repeat Support Solutions

With pipe pockets sewn both in the top and bottom, the vinyl backdrops can be supported with traditional pipe & drape hardware. Telescopic uprights and horizontal crossbars support the top and bottom pockets to loosely stretch the banner and stop movement. Banner pockets can be cut on the rear side to minimize the visibility of support hardware to the audience.

Whether you choose premium Dye Sublimation fabric banners wrapped over AV Drop framing, or a basic vinyl Step & repeat banner, Let Drape Kings bring your project to life! 

  • All solutions include basic graphic artwork for review before printing. Additional graphic prep or creation is available at an hourly fee
  • Drape Kings solutions utilize theatrical sandbags to stabilize all step and repeat rentals

Installation labor and delivery are available 24/7 – 365!


  • Common sizes: 8’×8’, 8’x10’, 8’x20’, 8’x30’, 10’x10’, 10’x20’, 10’x30’
  • Custom sizes are available to your specification
Step & Repeat Sizes


Please fill out the form below and select Choose File to upload your artwork. We only accept Print Ready PDFs, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and EPS file types.  For all other types, please contact marketing@drapekings.com.