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Rental Hardware

At Drape Kings, we make pipe and drape easy! Our rental packages are typically priced “by-the-foot,” with everything included for the basic setup. We combine the drape rental with all the hardware and accessories required to fit the needs of the events environment.

If you need a few more uprights, or different sizes of telescopic drape supports, you can count on us to craft a selection based on the room dimensions, ceiling heights and specific details of the event. We’ll bring the sand bags, too!

Alternatively, if you have your own drape and only need the rental drape hardware or a selection of our specialty accessories, that’s ok too. Al la Carte or all-inclusive, our experienced Drape Kings production coordinators can work with you to customize the most comprehensive pipe and drape package for your next event.

Beyond the actual drape rental hardware selections, we strive to package and transport everything needed for your event in our pipe cases, base boxes, bags and drape hampers. Our transport solutions assure ease of use and that everything arrives in the best possible condition.

  • by the foot pricing includes basic uprights, horizontals and sand bags, obviously every situation is not the same so Drape Kings reserves the right to add and charge additional equipment per specific rental needs.





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