Drape Kings



Drape Kings Modular Austrian Drapes are quick and easy to assemble, NO TOOLS required! This fully modular systems is designed for flexible sizing, allows you to order exactly the size you need!


Features of Our Austrian Modular Drape

  • Designed for flexible sizing, each panel comes in 2’, 4’ or 6’ widths @ 16’ high, Easily puddles for adjustable heights
  • Modular sections are easy to assemble with Velcro closures; hangs with bungee ties.
  • Installs on standard pipe & base, truss or pipe
  • The white crush fabric lights beautifully and can become any color!
  • Easily stores and ships
  • Available for rental – blackout lining included
  • Custom requests always welcome

Austrian Drapes dd a touch of old Hollywood glamour to any occasion. These drapes are constructed with multiple vertical lines distributed evenly across the length of the fabric, which is most often a thin satin or sheer that bunches up well. The vertical lines combined with the horizontal fullness create a rich elegant look.

  • This lightweight fabric puddles easily to create adjustable heights
  • Perfect backdrop for an elegant look

With Velcro closures, bungee attachments, fixed widths, Drape Kings just made it even easier to add this beautiful decorative accent piece to your event!