Drape Kings




Our Mission Statement:

To continue to Raise the Standard by providing flawless service to our customers in the Live Event industry

To solve the unique event needs of our customers and meet their expectations 24/7 365 

To continue our commitment to life-long learning as the foundation of our company

Our Background:

Raising the Standard is a philosophy of continued improvement, and a commitment to lifelong learning, always trying
to achieve excellence through incremental change.

Drape Kings began in 1988 as dru whitacre MEDIA SERVICES ltd., a full-service Audio-Visual firm which is still the parent company.

In 1996 Drape Kings was launched and revolutionized the Rental & Staging industry by offering a single solution for
Event Drapes. Drape Kings has since set the standard for excellence in the live event industry.

Today, with Raising the Standard as our motto, we fully embrace this culture of excellence that has defined the  attitudes and behaviors required to deliver our continued success.

Why Work for Drape Kings:

You are creative and enjoy fast paced environments. You are seeking a company where you can be heard, and bring your creativity to life through the work that you do.

  You are customer centric and thrive in an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment.  You love to work with a client roster of exceptional companies and brands.

Our Core Values:

Our company and our people strive to always uphold our essential Drape Kings Core Values: 

  • Customer Commitment to provide a flawless experience for our customers
  • Quality and Innovation – to offer our customers the best products and services to meet their needs and to find unique solutions to the ever-changing Live Event Industry
  • Trust– to develop trust with our teammates and customers by always getting the job done on time, with set expectations met
  • Passion – to create a winning culture of positivity and celebration
  • Personal Accountability  to deliver our commitments to ourselves, our customers, our team and the company
  • Sustainability – to make our mark today with an eye towards tomorrow

What Our People Are Saying:

“I feel excited to be part of the future of Drape Kings! Love to see the designer drape program and other projects coming together. Looking forward to watching the company grow even more!” 

“The biggest part of growth at Drape Kings is to be able to communicate your aspirations to upper management.”  

“I like the fast pace. I like being on my toes to create something new.”  

“You’re constantly learning and willing to learn every day here. Being able to adapt is what helped me grow here.”  

“Drape Kings takes into consideration peoples backgrounds, culture and experiences. We are willing to change here, willing to learn from other people.”  

“Another reason why Drape Kings is great, we have office dogs! So anytime you are a little stressed or worried about something, you can find Zoey or Turbo or Lulu and they cuddle with you and give you a moment that is not work related.”