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AV-Drop is tool-less modular aluminum framing system used to create tradeshow, event, A/V, virtual studio, exhibit and temporary installations.  It is covered with solid or printed fabric skins that attach to the frames with velcro and that are custom fitted to the frames.  It creates endless design options and ships and stores easily. 

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What’s so innovative about AV-Drop? 

Mostly everything. It’s entirely made of aluminum and fabrics. It’s Lego-like and easily configurable. It’s reusable and 100% tool-less.


  • Branded Backdrops  
  • Step & Repeats/PhotoCalls 
  • Theatrical style flats 
  • Surrounds for front or rear projection, LED Tiles or monitors 
  • Projection Screens of all sizes, front or rear, borderless flat white, curved and seamless. 
  • Temporary Walls to divide, mask and build entire rooms, salons or galleries. 
  • Displays and Exhibits. 

Benefits & Features 

  • Stacks on a pallet, stores in a closet or on a rack, fits in an elevator, goes anywhere. 
  • 100% Modular Framing, endless possibilities… 
  • Library of components for creation of standard flats as well as angles and radiuses.  Custom sizes if needed. 
  • Available in Imperial or Metric dimensions. 
  • A 100’ wide x 16’high (30m x 5M) can store and ship on one large pallet or in road cases. 
  • Scenic Shop Quality without the shop or dedicated carpenter 
  • 100% tool-less. No Tools or hardware – snaps and clamps together with proprietary components 
  • Ground Supported up to 20′ high (6 meter) 
  • Green Solution.  Re-Usable Aluminum frames and Velcro-bordered  fabric skins.  Multiple use, minimal waste. 
  • Cost Effective.  Measurable time and labor saving for installation, dismantling, transportation and storage 
  • Assembles with fewer components and less weight than alternative or traditional solutions 
  • Engineered of architectural grade, fire resistant aluminum 
  • European Design and Engineering brought you by Drape Kings in the Americas  
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Not exactly, AV-Drop was born out of the need for a high end, multi design capable, high ROI, re-usable modular system with greater flexibility and options than what was currently available in ether aluminum or wood systems. After years of research and development it was brought to market more than 7 years ago. Since its inception the system has been proven to be a dynamic design tool, solid, reliable, and has rightly received amazing acceptance unrivaled in the marketplace.  

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Yes! The models are available in AutoCad, Vectorworks, SketchUp, and Vizio.  You can get busy designing right away.  We are also glad to create designs for you to your specifications.  Call us for more information. Download Library.  Download Manual.

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AV-Drop is used by a growing number of industries, including audio visual rental and staging, event production, exposition general contractors and even for fashion shows and virtual events. Our audience continues to grow. 

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Versatility! This modular and configurable system allows you to create endless designs for tradeshow events, backdrops, step & repeats and more. 

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AV-Drop at its core is based in sustainability, reusability, and has an inherently lower carbon footprint when compared to traditional wooden/timber theatrical flats and many other design solutions. The multi-year multi use frames and reusable skins provide for minimal waste. 

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AV-Drop is not just presentational, but also architectural.  Its’ width potential is only limited by available floor space.  As for height, it can go up to 20’h ground supported and even higher when flown, rigged, or installed with a rigged top support. 

NONE! AV-Drop is 100% tool-less.  The entire system is assembled using proprietary unions and clamps.  The skins are attached with Velcro. No screw guns, staples, or wrenches of any kind are required. 

Because it will save you time (and money!) at show site and in the warehouse, has a reduced storage and transportation footprint and has endless design options. AV Drop also has a high ROI whether you are supplying it to clients as a rental product or renting it B2B for yourself. 

Yes. AV-Drop’s unique rear projection installation system is capable of supporting other screen manufacturer’s frames.  Please check with us regarding front projection options.  

Yes.  Our fabrics all have seamless capabilities.  Some fabrics, however, have different heights and/or widths that provide the seamless capacity.  Our basic AV-Drop black-out skins are 118”w by up to 50m wide and muslin can provided up to 25’ in height by the width of the roll.  Graphics are typically printed up to 16’h but can also be provided at up to 24’ in height x width of the roll.  Please contact us and we can help you determine your optimal seamless solution. 

Check out our Solutions Gallery,  and sign up for our bulletins to see what’s being done with AV-Drop, what’s new, tips, and where we’ll be exhibiting next. 

AV-Drop is rock solid. In fact, we’ve successfully setup backdrops up to 7.5 meters (24’h) although we’d prefer to be on the safe side and limit heights to 6 meters ( 20’h). What makes AV-Drop is its’ robust 6061 aluminum 46mm(1.81”) thick wall extrusion with step back design. Add to it the with fiber reinforced plastic unions and heavy-duty proprietary clamps and you have an amazing strong, architecturally sound framing system. 

AV-Drop relies on  it’s unique full frame skin wrap using stretch or conventional hook and loop. Hook is permanently attached to the full perimeter of all frame components while the skins have loop sewn around the perimeter for quick installs.    

AV-Drop fabrics are much easier to install than SEG.  AV-Drop skins are a simple, fitted Velcro attachment that hooks to the rear of the frame.  Alignment is easy, as well.  SEG requires precision sewing alignment of a silicone edge tape that stretches and must be inserted into small channel of the print frame. It is far more difficult to align properly, requires higher degree of sewing accuracy, and takes longer to install. 

AV-Drop is available to rent in Europe, The United States, the Middle East, and Hong Kong. AV-Drop can be stored and shipped so compactly and economically that it can be easily shipped anywhere in the world – one if its’ many unique features. For example, a 5m high x 30m wide (16’h x 100’w) set could be shipped and stored on two large pallets or large road cases. 

You can buy from us directly in Barcelona or Drape Kings in the Americas or Showtex Middle East in Dubai.  

AV-Drop has a higher entry price point than the materials required for building a set out of traditional wood flats. However, it will last for years retaining its shapes, curves and angles, will not warp over time and offers the extremely compact transportation and storage.  Whether purchasing for b2B rentals or 3rd party rentals, the ROI is high and returns quickly. 

Let one of our experts provide you with a quote for your project and explain the high ROI inherent in ownership.  Ask about our starter kit! 

Absolutely!  AV-Drop is completely Modular, so you can keep adding to your inventory to design and produce bigger and better backdrops, screens and walls. 

Basic, stock components are readily available for shipping and delivery in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Custom components, some of the angles and some radius pieces may require additional shipping time. Skins are typically built to order and may take 1-3 weeks depending on workflow. We are glad to provide accelerated timelines, as possible, for your project, if required.  Call us to ask! 

Skins are the fabric covering stretched and fitted over an AV-Drop from. The skin can be made of various fabrics, opaque or translucent, solid color or printed. The perimeter of a skin has Velcro hook sewn around the entire perimeter as the method of attaching it to the frame(s). 

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Skins range from a not only solid color or printed fabric, but also to PVC for screens, vinyl, scrim and clear or opaque fabric for barrier applications. The most common skin by far is a White-Blackout. It offers a blank canvas for a clean modern look that is great for backdrops and commonly accessorized with colorful up-lighting that can transform the backdrop. Grey is also a standard color that offers a great opportunity for lighting while providing a bit subtlety. Black Skins are used as both a primary outer skin and a slightly smaller secondary blackout inner skin layer for fabrics and prints that are not opaque. We offer two versions of awide format Black fabric. A multi-layered blackout with a satin sheen and Black Moltonwith a matte finish. Each are available in wide format as a secondary inner blackout skin layer.  


Skins can also be printed with you or your customer branding or artwork for your event. Large format printing is available in 3.2m and 5 meter, 16’.  The larger the print, the more expensive. 

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 “Screen Frame” is the generic term for any frame that is assembled to create a support (typically rectangular but can also be square, circular or other geometric shapes) for projection screens, either front or rear.  There are several manufactures for these around world. AV-Drop can be used to construct your screen or can also accommodate the installation of many screens distributed and designed by other manufacturers. Own your own screen?  Call us and we will design a solution to support your screen inventory. AV-Drop Manual

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The UP is the “connective tissue” of the entire AV-Drop System.  Already in its’ 2nd generation of development, it is a narrower extrusion that fits inside the main extrusion of an AV-Drop frame. It attaches securely to the frame via a spring-loaded push-button mechanism. May be made of aluminum or plastic for lighter weight with no reduction in durability.

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Smaller, hanging sections of AV-Drop, attached to a larger AV-Drop wall from the front using our BFS brackets, similar to paintings hanging in a gallery. 

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Yes! As long as the stage is level, solid and able to support the AV-Drop set. However, it is always best to build any set on solid ground and account for the stage height as may affect the visibility of screen height off of the floor, or the visibility of printed artwork or design elements. 

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AV-Drop and traditional wooden flats are similar in function, but AV-Drop offer so much more. Manufactured from 6061 Structural Aluminum, AV-Drop will offer many years of service vs one or two uses as provided by a wooden flat. It is naturally flame proof and won’t warp with time and humidity. If taken care of properly, the aluminum frames will last for years, if not decades, of service. You can also store and transport 2x the amount of AV-Drop materials vs traditional scenic elements utilizing half the amount of space.  

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Big things really do come in small packages! Our single largest component is our 5’h x 4’w “A” Frame. Our single longest extension is 6’ (x 2” x 2”). All of our other components scale down from there, including our 5’h x1’w ”F” Frames and extensions, radiuses, angles, Ts, Hs, Xs and clamps. 

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