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Drape Sevices for Contruction


Fully owned and operated by rental and staging professionals, Drape Kings knows just how paramount “property staging” can be, as well as the important role it can play to conceal ongoing construction from prying eyes. As they often say, “the best is yet to come” therefore masking a construction site with drapes is a great solution until a room, window or product is ready to be revealed.

By using our rental drapes you can cover up ongoing construction, and increase the dramatic impact when the finished space is ready to be revealed.

When are Drape Services Needed for the Construction Industry?

  • Masking During Interior Construction
  • Temporary Change of Look for Retail Store
  • Masking Exterior Construction
  • Upgrading Interior Look
  • Creating Temporary Walls and Dressing Rooms
  • Store Window Treatments
  • … and more!

Drape Purchase & Rental for Construction Work

When renovating part of your store during business hours, Drape Kings has the perfect solution. We offer rental drape to mask the interior renovation phase, thereby keeping the mess of construction from the view of your retail customers. And if you’re updating your store windows, the use of drape rental can be very helpful during the work-in-progress to heighten the impact of your new store window display, once you are ready. We have a wide range of pipe and drape options to choose from that vary in style and colors, so you will always find something suitable for your needs. And if we don’t have what you need in stock, we’re happy to place a custom order.

Showcase: Drapes Used in Construction / Contract Drape Applications

While you’re performing interior construction in your shop, it is essential to create a customer-friendly environment to encourage patronage. With a background drape, you’ll ensure that the beautiful colors of your products still stand out in your store, without distracting the attention of your customers during their shopping.


Construction drapes do not have to be used for masking construction work only; in fact an elegant and simple touch of rental drape can also be effective as a background element to highlight products in your store window displays. Custom Drapes can also be used as a staging element in your store windows helping to create a story for your brand. Dolce & Gabbana used this lush, creamy drape to put a touch of sophistication and luxury into the entire setup.


At Drape Kings, we pride ourselves on being highly innovative problem solvers. Above are examples of how we’ve used drapes to cover up entire walls. With the before and after images side by side, it’s easy for you to spot the success of cleaning up the look with covered walls. Call our Drape Specialist Team and we can help you create unique ideas for your contract drape requirements.

Why Choose Drape Kings?

Drape Kings is the leading pipe and drape provider in the country, and around the globe. We are more than excited to show you how to use our drape products for any kind of construction applications. No project is too big or too small for us; and you can also count on efficient installation and dismantling services by our dedicated crews. Contact us today to find out more!