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Drape Kings’ works closely with our fabrication team to fulfill all requests with thought, commitment, and expertise for permanent installations and onetime events. Drape Kings is defined not only by the quality of our workmanship, but also the rigorous production standards ensuring that your orders are handled on time, on spec and on budget

Because we fully understand that “the show must go on” we can also accommodate most rush jobs for last minute projects. We take pride in delivering high quality work in a timely rapid-fire fashion to accommodate our customers deadlines.

Drape Kings is proud to have partnered with many prestigious clients in film production, store design and event planning. From a simple dressing room makeover, to a complex store redesign , no job is too large or too small. Recent clients include Luis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Grey Advertising, BVLGARI, Rafanelli, Spielberg Films, Vera Wang, Lincoln Center, Macys, and Mark Cross.

Our dedicated team of artisans takes great pride in making your visions into a sensational reality!


Over the course of a drape’s life the material (just like us) starts to stretch and sag. This causes hems to start looking uneven and drag. Drape Kings can not only repair broken hems but rehem them to fit the space perfectly! ​

If your your drapes are looking old and tired, and you want to know if they’re worth saving, send them to us. We’ll inspect, clean, and repair!


  • Add liners to sun-bleached drapes protecting them from further damage.
  • Add additional layers for sound dampening and or light blocking.​​
  • Retro fit existing drapes to new hardware.​
  • Repair and patch small holes and tares​
  • Repair top hems that may have been ripped from hanging hardware.​
  • ​Broken or lost carrier replacement on track systems.​