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Drape Services for the Catering Industry

Drape Services for the Catering Industry

Caterings businesses and in-house catering companies ensure guests leave events satisfied. But they also have an obligation to leave their client satisfied by making a neat and professional presentation that doesn’t distract or affect the party’s ambiance. Drape Kings works with caterers who require masking drape to hide food prep areas, as well as décor options for table spreads.

When are Drape Service Needed in the catering Industry?

  • Masking food prep and staff areas
  • Table skirts
  • Tradeshows
  • Food tasting events
  • In-office events and tastings
  • …and more!

Drape Purchase & Rental for the Catering Industry

The Catering Industry can purchase or rent pipe and drape systems for their events. Before renting or purchasing drapes, it is important to determine the cycle of usage. If you are planning on purchasing drapes, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a wide range of traditional colors to choose from. Drape Kings also offers laundry services for customers who have purchased their drapes. Or you can rent as needed or when a specialty colors is required. Regardless of your preference, Drape Kings has everything you’ll need to create memorable events for your clients.

Showcase | Drapes Used in Catering

Drape Kings provided drapes for an event for the National Association for Catering and Events.

For a spooky Halloween-themed party, Wine Encore was used as a backdrop for a “pick your poison” bar.

Drape can also be used as table skirts to hide unsightly industrial tables, or under-the-table storage.

Drape Kings also provides elegant drape options for private tastings.

Why Choose Drape Kings?

Regardless of the type of event you’re catering, we offer top-notch drapes that exude an undeniably professional look. Drape Kings has been in business for over two decades and have worked with many caterers across the country. If you have a certain mix of colors, materials and patterns in mind and cannot find a suitable product in our inventory, we can manufacture custom drapes as per your requirements. For more inquiries about our drapery solutions, do not hesitate to contact us or request a no-obligation quote now!