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Drape Services for the Retail Industry

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are more than just places to shop, they are an experience. Brand architects work with interior designers to make shoppers feel transported into their world, and to do this, they often call Drape Kings’ for both their design expertise and high quality product.

When are Drape Services Needed in the Retail Industry?

  •  Interior decor
  •  Fitting rooms
  •  Window displays
  • Holiday display masking
  •  Tradeshows
  •  …and more!

The Retail Industry can either purchase or rent pipe and drape systems. Before renting or purchasing drapes, it’s important to determine the cycle of usage.  If the drape is needed for a more permanent or custom solution, purchasing is the best option, and you’ll be pleased to know the sky’s the limit on fabric choices. Whether you need traditional hues, or custom brand-specific colors, Drape Kings can help you design your solution. They also offer laundry services for customers who have purchased drape. 

The rental stock includes over 40 colors and styles from 3’ – 50’ high. Rental solutions are perfect for short term events like pop-up’s and in store launches. Regardless of your preference, Drape Kings has everything you’ll need.

Showcase | Drapes Used in Retail

Drape services for retail industry

Drape Kings created custom drapes for the Dolce & Gabbana window display.

Drape services for retail industry

For the Burberry store in New York, Drape Kings wrapped the walls in a custom drape as an interior accent.


Drape Kings wrapped the walls of the Burberry store in New York City in a custom drape.


The walls of luxury boutique FORTY FIVE TEN were wrapped in custom drape by Drape Kings.

Why Choose Drape Kings?

Regardless of the type of situation, we offer top-notch drapes that exude an undeniably professional look. Drape Kings has been in business for over two decades and have worked with many retail locations across the country. If you have a certain mix of colors, materials and patterns in mind and cannot find a suitable product in our inventory, we can manufacture custom drapes as per your requirements. For more inquiries about our drapery solutions, do not hesitate to contact us or request a no-obligation quote now!