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Education Industry

Drape Services for the Education Industry

Many educational institutions utilize a wide variety of drapes, including acoustic curtains for auditoriums, room divider curtains for sick bays, stage curtains, student accommodation curtains, and more. Drape Kings provides high schools, colleges and universities with draping solutions both for permanent installations and for temporary projects. We have experience making custom stage curtains for performance halls and have transformed gymnasiums into elegant gala and event spaces.

When are Drape Services Needed in the Education Industry?

  • Graduations
  • Alumni gala dinners
  • Performances
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • … and more!

Drape Purchase & Rental for the Education Industry

Are you in charge of planning a large event or permanent installation? In many cases, the school will require a high quality, quick turnaround drape solution. Next, you will need to decide between purchasing or renting. The decision will often be based on the length of usage. For example, if the school requires the drape on a permanent basis (for present and future use), it is recommended that one purchases custom drapes. Alternatively, one may consider renting, if a transformative masking solution is only needed for a few days.

Showcase | Drapes Used in the Education Industry

Gettysburg Great Room

Floor to ceiling neutral-colored drapes was used to enhance the perimeter of the main event area. In addition to injecting elegance, the drapes also offered extra functionality. For example, it doubled as a projection screen that showcased the event’s name and logo, helping complete the look.

Gettysburg Event

After lining the walls with our client’s rental drapes, Drape Kings proceeded to cover the floor with event carpet. The Gettysburg College gymnasium was successfully transformed into a beautiful event space for their annual alumni gala dinner. Warm lighting was also used throughout the event area to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Loyola University

Drape Kings’ beautifully custom-made Austrian drapes were used to cover the stage of a major Layola College event. The drape along the perimeters created the perfect backdrop to be bathed in gorgeous floral gobo lighting

Villa nova AV
Red Carpet Runner

Villanova University needed a freestanding stage backdrop for their home coming event. Drape Kings delivered an AV Drop Modular Backdrop stage set that boldly displayed their logos.

Dominican University rolled out “the red carpet” honoring their distinguished high-profile guests for an alumni event.

Why Choose Drape Kings?

As the premier pipe and drape provider in the United States, Drape Kings has extensive experience collaborating with educational institutions across the country in both small and large events. Our high-quality drapes are designed to beautify the outlook of your event; transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Because we are a full-service drape rental service provider, our team will take care of the installation and tear-down of your event’s drapes. Our drapes are not only stylish and functional but affordable as well. Feel free to consult with Drape Kings for expert recommendations on the latest drape designs and fabrics, and get no-obligation quotes from us!