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Drape Services for the Film/TV Industry

Drape Services for the Film/TV Industry

Set decorators and Art Directors designs sets to get viewers lost in their created worlds. For the Film & TV industries, drape is needed both in front of the camera, and behind the scenes. Drape Kings often works with production companies providing specific rental drape colors as set decoration as well as custom drape as per set designs. Production, sound and lighting crews also need drape to black out light, dull sound, and as masking for backstage areas.

When are Drape Services Needed in the Film/TV Industry?

  •  Set Décor
  •  Custom creations
  •  Backstage masking
  •  Dressing Rooms
  •  Sound absorption
  •  Light block
  •  …and more!

Drape Purchase & Rental for Film/TV Planning

The Film/TV Industry can rent pipe and drape systems for multi-day shoots or one-time use productions.You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a wide range of traditional and specialty colors to choose from.Drape Kings has everything you’ll need to create memorable scenes for your shoot.

Showcase | Drapes Used in Film/TV


Drape Kings created custom Austrian drapes for the James Brown biopic, Get on Up.

Drape Kings provided Provincial Blue Drape to serve as the backdrop to an on-air CNN panel set.

It is important to dress backstage areas as well to make stars feel comfortable in a professional environment even off set. Drape Kings’ Grey Encore created faux walls for a breakroom space.

Drape being used to block light in film locations.

Why Choose Drape Kings?

Regardless of the type of production you’re shooting, we offer top-notch drapes that exude an undeniably professional look. Drape Kings has been in business for over two decades and have worked with many production companies across the country. If you have a certain mix of colors, materials and patterns in mind and cannot find a suitable product in our inventory, we can manufacture custom drapes as per your requirements. For more inquiries about our drapery solutions, do not hesitate to Contact us or request a no-obligation quote now!