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Drape Services for the Floral Décor Industry

Since our inception, Drape Kings has been providing high quality and decorative drapes for our valued clients in the floral décor industry. We strive to marry sophistication with functionality; in addition to offering an extensive selection of IFR ( inherently flame retardant ) designer fabrics to choose from, we also provide many related theatricals including rope & Stanchions, star drape, kabuki reveals, event carpet, step & repeats, and the new AV Drop Modular System! By teaming up with us for your event needs, our creative and innovative artists can help you transform any space; be it inside or out, with drapery, and a few extra’s, that will complement your stunning floral displays and set the event alight.

When are Drape Services Needed for the Floral Décor Industry?

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Gallery Openings
  • Large Gala’s
  • Corporate Events
  • … and more!

Drape Purchase & Rental for the Floral Décor Industry

It is a common practice for many florists to maintain close working relationships with event designers. They often work with raw spaces and are tasked with the challenge of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. In some cases, florists even take on the role of their event designer counterparts. If you are in this position, chances are you will need something to complement your floral displays. There has never been a better time than now to rent or purchase beautiful drapes and carpets to achieve a spectacular and memorable event space. Fortunately, Drape Kings is always ready to supply carpets and drapes that feature all colors of the rainbow to match and complement the existing décor!

Showcase | Drapes Used in the Floral Décor Industry

Silver Crush

Drape Kings chose silver crush drapes to highlight the bride’s and groom’s wedding stage while perfectly complementing the event space. This drape solution comprises an elegant polyester fabric, which features a lightweight blend of matte and shimmer finishes. It delivered a touch of class that the space needed.

White Sheer

White sheer drapes helped our client create an ethereal atmosphere. This wonderful material not only provides privacy, but allows natural light through as well, allowing guests to feel connected with the surroundings.

Flora Carpet
Latte Supervel

Drape Kings worked with Ovando Florist to cover the Guggenheim Museum in pinata pink carpet, adding a splash of sophistication to this formal event.

Our ultra-lightweight Latte Super Vel drapes were most suited for this event, creating a soft and soothing back drop that complemented the existing floral displays.

Vera Wang Alpine White Drape
Blue Hue

Drape Kings combined our alpine velour drapes with white carpeting for the Ovando Florist / Vera Wang Wedding event in Weylan, Brooklyn NY.

Intriguing and attractive, we created a custom rain curtain that reflected a cool blue hue for Rafanelli Events – a premier event planning and design company that’s based in Boston.

Why Choose Drape Kings?

Drape Kings has been in business for over two decades and has achieved a reputation of being the premier event drape supplier in the country. Our team is highly committed to supporting businesses in the floral décor industry by offering affordable drapery rental solutions. As we also cater to custom requests, we can create your desired drapes from scratch if the event space features unique dimensions.