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Horizontal Supports

Horizontal Supports

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Because every room is different, we offer a complete selection of adjustable horizontal drape supports ranging from 2-3’ to 9’-16’ wide. They are designed to meet any room size and will support your chosen drape. Once the hardware has been established, the drapes are selected for each horizontal section and sleeved on with ease.

We also offer a selection of slip-lock adjustable uprights that range from 2’-3’ to 14’-24’ high, as well as standard non-adjustable uprights, best suited for trade show booths and knee walls.


  • Fully Adjustable with button click tops
  • Metal hooks at each end slip into uprights slotted openings
  • The Rule of thumb is to use a horizontal that is 1′ less than the desired hanging length
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  • Three (3) piece drape support spans 10′ with 24″ depth
  • Requires three (3) standard or adjustable uprights and three (3) bases (sold separately)
  • Curved drape support is not adjustable
  • Maximum tube length is 59″ for shipping
  • Create curved and wave walls
Curved Support