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Large Venue Drape

Large Venue Drape

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Event Design: Educe, LLC; Photography: Edwin Remsberg

Drape Kings offers IFR Encore and Supervel fabrics in 30′ heights for your large venue needs. Our Large Venue Rental Drapes are sewn flat with blind ties, allowing for fullness to be adjusted during the tie on process (blind ties are also included on our 40′ and 50′ high rental drapes).

Our Black Encore Drapes are second to none – built from 22oz heavy weight IFR fabric, and unlike some, they are truly “Opaque Blackout Drape,” meaning you cannot see through them.

When it comes to colors, Royal Blue and Grey are also available in the 22oz Encore. Where opacity is not an issue, but color and style are, we also offer Red & White Supervel, as well as various sheers in an array of colors.

Custom colors and tour package pricing are available on request.