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Drape Services for Wedding Planners

Weddings often call for that extra touch of elegance, and the right drape can provide the perfect solution. Whether you want to line an entire venue perimeter, or cover a ceiling, Drape Kings is your one-stop-shop for rental drape and related theatricals. We have a vast inventory of drape options that will transform any space from “ordinary to extraordinary”. Every Wedding Planner wants to offer their clients the best décor to fit their special wedding theme. With over 35 fabrics and colors, Drape Kings is ready to help you make your client’s dreams come true!

Drape Kings also partners with Planners on events to highlight the wedding industry. Recently we provided luxurious double sided 22’ high White Drape and a 54’ circular white carpet for the spectacular launch of The Vera Wang 2019 Bridal Collection. Held at the Weylan Event space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, both the drape and carpet framed and covered the room spectacularly!

When are Drape Services Needed in the Wedding Planning Industry?

  • Creating Focal Points Behind Dais and/or Bridal Table
  • Installing a Chuppah
  • Lining Walls
  • Creating a temporary wall between ceremony and celebration spaces
  • Ceiling Treatments
  • Setting Up Outdoor Mandaps
  • Constructing Tent Walls and Introducing Focal Points
  • … and so much more!

Drape Purchase & Rental for Wedding Planners

Drape Kings has worked with many Wedding Planners who either choose to rent our drape or purchase their own. Some Wedding Planners buy drape for their collections because they have a winning look they wish to recreate. Other Planners prefer drape rental for weddings because we can accommodate the changing needs of each client and meet the goals of specific wedding themes. Regardless what your preference is, we stock miles and miles of luxurious drape to help meet all your wedding decoration needs.

Showcase | Drapes Used in Weddings

Many weddings feature a selected color or hue and Wedding Planners often come to Drape Kings to find a match to fit or accentuate their specific theme. Additionally, some brides want to create a focal point behind the dais or behind the brides table. By using our rental drape, Wedding Planners can offer many stylish solutions.


Many rental drapes work well with up lighting which creates a warm and ethereal look. At Drape Kings we’re happy to provide both our beautiful rental drape and onsite installation services so you can relax and watch the magic happen.

For a romantic look, simply go with elegant sheers to line the walls and create ceiling treatments. Whether it’s a wedding party for 10 or 100 tables, these drape options never fails to impress.


Amplifying the luxury factor, our drape can be used to create a beautiful focal point around the bridal table. Our experienced crews have the necessary skills to complement and amplify your vision!

White sheer drape is always a winning choice for any outdoor wedding. Wedding Planners can use this light, airy and romantic rental drape to create a cabana or chuppah where the couple can exchange their vows in a beautifully scenic outdoor setting.

Why Choose Drape Kings?

Drape Kings is the leading pipe and drape provider in the country, and around the globe. We have extensive experience collaborating with Wedding Planners for events both large and small. Along with our wide variety of drape solutions for rental wedding drape, we also offer related decor including event carpet, rope & stanchions, and step & repeats banners. Drape Kings is the only national drape provider that operates an in-house laundry at all our locations, offering complete quality control, and making sure that we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today to find out more!